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November 30, 2008

What was happened in the classroom is??? There are two sections in our department, in management they were planned to shuffle the classes and split the section, we are really worried about that because we build a strong friendship between us even they are sitting next to our class but we don’t want to shuffle the class. One of my friend gave an idea to write letter to management about not to shuffle the class, plan came into action but the management won’t accept our request they are did what they want… Some of student from my class are going there and some of them are coming in that one of school mate are going to next class after a long time we have been separated. When the other class student enters into the room again I saw that person who I met on first day of my college, looking handsome but also a scene party. Then I found he was belongs to my department.

I don’t like to speak with him at first; he was sitting some 3 rows before me. The boy who is also a knowledge person, he was answered the questions which was asked by lecturer.

One day we are in chemistry lab, that boy and me are belongs to same batch. He started to introduce himself then I too shake hand with him and started talking with out doing any experiment in chemistry lab. I liked his move with me later he came to back row and sit with us, our friendship started growing we form a big gang and the only department which have guts, will go for all the problems, fights, etc.., In the first year itself we created a mass in the college; other departments will have some fear about our strange department. Interesting information is I was a representative to my class so the student in the class will call me “REP” “REP”. I always move free with my student, lecturer were asked me to control the class in free hour but I never do because as I’m also a student would like to enjoy the class in free hour but I will control the class if anyone comes near by classroom. Later one day we planned to cut the class and go for a movie, everyone will come to college in college bus get down before the college and met in the tea shop as like the plan, we go for a movie. For the first time only we had some fear to cut the class but later it will changed to regular activities.

The fun days are gonna to over because the semester exams are going to start. For the very first time I’m going to write the university exam, will have many dreams in my mind, started preparing for exams. Now we are in study holidays, forming group and preparing for the exam with shivering in heart. Exams were started and schedule was going for two weeks. I Put my whole effort and written the exam. University exam was over we started enjoying the holidays but have some fear inside because I’m thinking of the results. Holidays are over like speed of the light so entering in to second semester.

Here I have to tell about one important person. He is the well-wisher for me and also for many of the students. Let us see who is that person in the part 3.. Try to send the comment.