Her last movie ‘Villu’ worked well among her fans and they were happy with her refreshing appearance. The ‘Loose Penne’ gal later created sensation when she was seen sporting a tattooed name on her arm, to reveal her love for choreographer-actor-director Prabhudeva.

Nayantara has not only bold been enough to shed off her village belle image but has been facing the rough waters of filmdom all alone till now. She is one of the few actresses in the industry who doesn’t turn up to the shooting spot along with a parent. She rebuked at the media remarks that it is untrue to say that she had been accompanied by her parents to her workplace. Initially, her dad used to accompany Nayantara to the shooting locations, later on she realised that it was not good to trouble him and managed alone thereafter. During the course of her career, she even braved all the controversies herself without allowing any helping hand from her family.

“There has been lot of rough reporting when it comes to me, as I’m a soft target. I really don’t bother too much about it, but when my family is unnecessarily dragged into such reports, it upsets me,” complains the annoyed actress.


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