Shah Rukh Khan to host IIPM quiz

shahrukh-khan-filmare-october2At a time when even Bollywood has put its projects on hold, the business school IIPM has roped in the Badshah of Bollywood to host their annual business and marketing quiz. Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to host the quiz for three years. To be held in association with Planman Media’s magazine, 4Ps Business and Marketing, it promises to become India’s premiere B-School quiz event!

“IIPM is all about bringing world class education and campus life experience to the students,” said Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, dean of IIPM. “The IIPM B-school festival, Amaze, is the largest B-school festival in India with huge participation from international B-schools as well. This quiz also promises to be a big international event.”

When asked about bringing King Khan on board, Chaudhuri said, “Everything we do at IIPM is grand, distinct, pioneering and, above all else, global. Who else in India can make an event big just by his global popularity than SRK? And to top it all, he is perceived as the intelligent face of Bollywood because of his economics education background, his suave marketing skills and sharp intelligence. He was the natural choice.”

All SRK said was: “I am coming to IIPM and it will be nice to be there!” The show will be held at the IIPM campus in Satbari, Delhi.


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12 Responses to “Shah Rukh Khan to host IIPM quiz”


    this quiz is not be n hosted by this person, better that this is to be host by some entrepreneur:::::::likewise, Ratan Tata, or any other company associated manager::. this helps us in focussing & motivatingmore on job prospective::::

  2. adetayo adedokun Says:

    i love you

  3. aisha Says:

    hay i love you

  4. zahra Says:

    hi shahrukhkhan aim zahra from maroco

  5. Aderemi Adebukola Islamiyyat Says:

    I luv u king Khan.I don’t know hw 2 put my luv 2 u off.keep it up Allah stays by u.

  6. Aderemi Adebukola Islamiyyat Says:

    I luv u baby.pls reply me with ur person e-mail ok!!! mail is or

  7. Beni Sulaiman Says:

    i like all from you
    first : your hair, your acting

  8. ravi agarwal Says:

    hey shahrukh u mean a lot 2 me, my inspiration and my ideal, whenevr i take any decision i think what decision u wud take if u wer in d same situation and i take dat decision, hope 2 see u at iipm

  9. Aderemi Adebukola Islamiyyat Says:

    Go shahrukh khan,by the prayer that is supported wit Aayat-ul Kurisyy it all urs Insha Allah.u’re simply d best.luv no one ease but always by u side baby.c ya.pls,king khan I want 2 know ur muslium name,bye.

  10. tiazita worku Says:

    hi shahrukh khan are you fin i love you ok so mach

  11. Says:


  12. aicha Says:

    hi shahrukh how are doing l hope everything is fine long time ago l love you very much until now but l decided to fine your number l dont no how to explain to you but l love you very very much and l want to no that kissssssssssssssss.

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