Shekhar Kapur waiting for Sultan- The Warrior


The Chennai International Screenwriting Workshop (CISW) organized by Kamal Haasan’s Raj Kamal Films and IIT Madras was wrapped up recently. Shekhar Kapur, the top Indian film maker was down south to participate in this work shop and share his thoughts. After the final day events, Shekhar Kapur met the media.

Recalling his association with the Superstar, he said, I used to watch a lot of commercial Tamil movies. Rajnikanth was a newcomer then and had an extraordinary sense of style. I got in touch with him when he was experimenting with his career. We discussed a few scripts but then, both of us got busy that one film didn’t happen. I heard that his daughter is making an animation film with him. He is a phenomenon and it should be interesting to see him as an animated character. As soon as Sultan- The Warrior is ready, I am going to go catch it!

Shekhar has now signed two movies with Hollywood production house. Apart from that he is now busy with ‘Paani’ which is a movie set in future and is about a city with a population of 30 million which faces acute water scarcity.


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