Vikram’s new big fan: Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek and Vikram, two formidable stars from Bollywood and Tamil cinema respectively, have always let their affection for each other known. Abhi, who found himself wowed by Vikram’s performance in Anniyan, has been Chiyyan’s big friend and well wisher.The two are finally working together in Maniratnam’s bilingual ‘Raavan’. Abhi plays the hero of the Hindi version, in which Vikram plays the villain. Chiyaan actually plays the hero in the Tamil version, ‘Raavana’.Vikram is said to have surprised Abhishek Bachchna in the speed in which he changes from hero to villain on the sets, when both languages are shot one after the other. “After the Tamil version is shot, I’d just change my costumes and be prepared to play the antagonist for the Hindi version. And Abhi would be amazed at how my entire personality would undergo such a tremendous change, from hero to villain, in a matter of a few minutes”,explains Vikram, who calls Abhishek a challenging actor to work with.
Here’s hoping their off screen camaraderie doesn’t spill on screen, when they’re supposed to be playing rivals.


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  1. nadir toumi Says:

    marteh chaba 3lih

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