Rahman’s Jai Ho in Billboard Hot 100

Oscars Photo Room

It looks like it is a “season full of firsts” for A.R. Rahman! With his ‘Jai Ho’, Rahman won two Oscars, billions of hearts throughout the world, and mesmerized Nicole Scherzinger and Pussycat Dolls into remixing ‘Jai Ho’. Today, this remixed (English) version has secured a top position in the Billboard Hot 100 – the song is placed within the top 20 in the listing. With this, A.R. Rahman has become the first Indian whose song has won such a high rank in Billboard Hot 100. It is certainly an accomplishment to even get a placement in this countdown and considering the number of songs – churned out every now and then in the huge American music industry – vying for the top positions, a high rank in this listing is a phenomenal achievement! All the success that this song has achieved has pushed the Pussycat Dolls to make an attractive video for it. Recently, they shot a video – in Vienna under the supervision of renowned director Thomas Kloss – in which A.R. Rahman makes a special appearance too! The Dolls also put up a fabulous performance at NBC Studios, which was recorded and aired on the “most happening” talk show ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (on March 11th). Appreciating A.R. Rahman’s musical ingenuity, the Dolls state that they consider it an honour to be working with him. Expressing their awe for the gifted music director, the Dolls also added that they would be more than happy to work with him in future. Well, the A.R. Rahman mania is gaining momentum in the West too! PS: Nicole and Pussycat Doll’s remixed version replaces the Hindi lyrics with English lyrics, slightly extends the frenzied drum beat, and adds a chorus which goes “You are the reason that I breathe. You are the reason that I still believe. You are my destiny. Jai Ho.”


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