Kalaimamani Awards for 2008

award240209_1Indeed, it’s a great time for the buffs of Tamil Cinema. Well, yesterday it was a moment of Rahman getting ennobled as ‘History Maker in Indian Cinema’. And today, it’s all about fans rejoicing about their favorite personalities bagging ‘Kalaimamani Awards’. It was few minutes ago, Tamil Nadu Government has conferred ‘Kalaimamani’ title for 70 renowned individuals from the field of Cinema, Arts and Literature.

Actress Nayantara, Actress Asin, Actor Bharath, Actor-Filmmaker Sundar C, Drums Sivamani, Avvai Natarajan, National Award Winner Meera Jasmine and many others have won the title now for the year 2008.

IndiaGlitz congratulates the actors and technicians who have been crowned with this prestigious title for this year.


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One Response to “Kalaimamani Awards for 2008”

  1. Umakanthan Says:

    What a piece of idiocity these awards?

    How many years must Drums Sivamani or Avvai Natarajan waited to get this award and people who just passed the screen tests have been given Kalaimaamani awards.

    One shameful inclusion is Rajnikanths daughter Aishwarya Dhanush for Bharatanatyam when there are so many talented dancer out there.

    The old man is losing his brains or is he being dodgy with the elections in sight. Such a short sight from the old fox, shamelessly making a mockery of recognition of talents.

    God bless Tamilnadu!

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