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  1. messenger4life Says:

    Why stand afar hiding in the times of trouble? The wicked pride does persecute the poor let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. The wicked boast of the desires of their heart that abhorent and lessen the covenant. Wicked through the pride of their countenance, seeking not the Will of God or His thoughts. Their ways are grievous, their judgments far above the truth. They say “I shall not be moved never by the adversary.” Their mouth full of cursing, deceit and fraud. Mischief and vanity sit in the congregations lurking secretly, misleading the poor in the Word. They lie in wait to catch then draw into the net. They crouch humbly the fall. They say,”God has not gotten paise the Lord”, “Arise Lord forget not your children Father” Do you contemn God you that say repented,IHS or repentance is not required with IHS?Why is there no need to name your sins cause God knows them and you can not remember all of them? God knows not you or your sins because you are not light. So now you change repentance to just sayng, “forgive our sins?” Admitting sin one to another instead of in prayer to God? Think you have received forgiveness? Behelding a mischievous spirit to requite with your soul. The poor commit their soul, helpers of the faithless. Break out of the arms of the wicked, seek out righteousness, find Yahweh for the heathen perish out of His land. Yahweh has heard now you desire humbly, receive repented, IHS, prepare your hear, cause your ear to hear and judge the teaching that Earth may no longer oppress you.

  2. okathleen Says:

    Very pink and fluffy photographs, especially on a day in the North of England where a cold, wet, white blanket of snow hides any colour struggling to the surface.

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