No matter how big a dam director Shankar builds to maintain secrecy with his projects, leaks are happening on a consistent basis. About five fresh stills of the Rajinikanth – Aishwarya starrer ‘Endhiran’ surfaced on the web recently.Despite heavy security at shooting spots and with a clear emphasis not to allow even mobile phones on the sets, Shankar and his team ­want to entertain audiences with the stunning element especially because of huge production costs and standards involved.The ‘leak’ is sure to have director Shankar and team fuming because they give out the feel of how the film is being stylized.It’s high time the ‘Endhiran’ team finds out as to who the ‘black sheep’ is and plugs the hole through which the leaks are happening on a consistent basis. Common sense says it has to be an ‘inside job’.As far as the general public is concerned ‘curiosity will get the cat’ eventually and that cannot be taken as entertaining the ‘leak’.’Endhiran’ stars Rajinikanth in two roles. One as a Robotic Scientist and another as a Robot. What happens when the robot gets a mind of its own and starts acting against its creator (including his love life) form the story. This futuristic story was written by the late Tamil writer Sujatha Rangarajan.


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