This is the news that is reverberating throughout Kollywood. Aascar Ravichandran is ready for his next film, which will have his dear friend Jackie Chan in the lead and filming will start in June! The day its filming begins will be a moment of pride for all Indians – for Aascar Ravichandran will be the first Indian to make a film with Jackie Chan, a legendary actor who added a new dimension to Cinema, a perfect blend of awe-inspiring daredevil stunts and slapstick comedy! Kollywood grapevine says that Ravichandran also plans to include a famous Bollywood actor in this film and talks are on in this regard. Aascar Ravichandran is definitely one of the best showmen in the world. The way Ravichandran launched the audio of Dasavathaaram shook the world. With Jackie Chan as the chief guest and all the grandeur, it even eclipsed grand events like Oscars or our own IIFA! Unfortunately, after this event, Ravichandran got himself entangled in a legal battle with Oscar Academy, who found his logo resembling the famous Oscar award memento and objected to the usage of the term “Oscar Productions”. And there are many who gossip about “Oscar Productions” becoming “Aascar Productions” after this mega event. Unfortunately, they are only looking at the smaller picture and missing the bigger one. A producer grabbed the attention of the whole world, including Oscar Academy with just the audio launch of his film!!! Boy! It is hard to imagine the wonders that stalwarts Jackie Chan and Aascar Ravichandran will create when they work together!


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