To say about the movie in a single line “far impressive”. It is a combination cocktail of action,comedy and little sentiment.An ususal Vijay film with plenty of actions and small story line.The movie revolves around a macho-man Pughazh (Vijay). Thanks to the help of Joseph (Manoj K Jayan), a honest cop, Pughazh begins his search for a international gangster and arms supplier JD (Prakashraj). Meanwhile, Pughazh goes to a village to attend a wedding and comes across Jhanvi (Nayantara). After cat and mouse games, love blossoms between them. Pughazh comes to know that she is the daughter of JD. He sets to Munich in Germany to meet JD along with Jhanvi. He meets JD’s gang (Sriman, Anandhraj and Devaraj). After initial encounters, he evolves his own plans and starts eliminating them one after another.A flashback reveals why Pughazh is behind their blood. His father ‘Major’ Saravanan (Vijay) gets killed by a gang, which is led by JD, when he prevents them from selling arms to ultras. JD and his team enact a drama and bumps off Saravanan before managing to create an impression that he was the one who had nexus with ultras and succeeds in branding him an anti-national. Eventually Pughazh manages to bring JD to India and avenge them for their wrong-deeds and establish his father’s innocence.


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