02/03/09-language first paper

03/03/09-language second paper

05/03/09-english first paper

06/03/09-english second paper

07/03/09-technical exams


11/03/09-geography,business maths






19/03/09-computer science,statistics

21/03/09-political science



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15 Responses to “12th STANDARD PUBLIC EXAM TIME TABLE 2009”

  1. TAMILNADU SSLC EXAM TIME TABLE « Worldinspiration’s Blog Says:

    […] TAMILNADU SSLC EXAM TIME TABLE By worldinspiration 25/03/09-language first paper […]

  2. Aswinbalaji Says:

    this information was very helpful for me!!
    Thanks a lot for providing this service…

  3. Hamid Kaashif Says:

    Thank You very much……..

  4. asha Says:

    thank u it is very usefull

  5. Amrish Says:

    thanks a lot 4 tis service

  6. Belinda Suma, A. Says:

    Thanks for the information. This is very useful.

  7. asina Says:

    hai…this information was very useful for and my friend thank for you

  8. suganya Says:

    thank u

  9. isya Says:

    is this a confirmed time table??

  10. isya Says:

    is this time table is a confirmed one???

  11. aruna Says:

    Thank you

  12. leela Says:

    thank u

  13. sowmi Says:

    thank you for ur information but is this is a confirmed time table for 12 board exam (state board)
    if so too hard to hear that one day leave for maths and a week a leave for biology

  14. suren Says:

    its very usefull it willbe good if the time table is given for seperate groups.

  15. suren Says:

    i think this is a old timetable the language 1 is at march 1

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