Rumors are spread around bollywood that hindi version of Ghajini starring Aamir khan and Asin which was directed by A.R.Murugadoss might be banned to screen in Tamilnadu. The producer of tamil version Ghajini Salem A. Chandraseker lodged a complaint in court that he has not given a right for the script to remake in Hindi. So a lots of problem are there to release th film in Tamilnadu. Don’t know what aamir has said to Murugadoss about this issue. Will the problem get solved before release or banned ?. Lets hope for the best.


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  1. Rajen Says:

    is gajini banned, man? r v going to see him tonite o not?

  2. karan Says:

    you had given good tips body so you will all photo and tips load in your webside or amir khan website so people direct contact you because much more person intersted .

  3. Dewi Says:

    U must watch ghanjini
    It’s the best film
    It make me cry
    U must watch it

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