This is not a story a real incident which happened in front of me. It is interesting but also sad news. Usually I would like to speak in the mobile at the balcony, right that time my home bell was ringing I was moving to see who is ringing the bell, its my friend who is staying near by my home, always we would like to chat in outside of my home, because we were been following this for a long time also a motive behind this to chat out.. What it would be???? Tuition girls will come that side, there is a professor who is staying next to my place will take tuition, so student will come there around 6pm we will just pass our time by seeing them and looking of them also passes some comment. It would be interesting for us but not always!!!! sometimes…

Apart from that tuition center there is also another tuition center opposite to my place which is for kids. The street where I’m staying will always busy because this road will connect to main road everybody would like to go by this way. This must a routine life in my area. On that day I’m talking interesting with my friend about the cricket match both had a strong discussion about the cricket. Parents will always come with children to drop them in tuition place. A lady coming on that way, she is near by that center… walking slowly… slowly looking his child face to say something, right that time a person run fast crossing her and snatches her chain ,a lady was shouting “ My chain My chain” then only everyone look goes there by hearing her loud voice. The snatcher ran fast and get in to motorbike with another person who was get ready with bike and gone in seconds. Nobody will do anything because he went in bike, lady was crying and everybody surround her and watching, she came to explain what was happened.

This is a real incident happened so Beware of your thing at any places. Always have a look around yourself with much concentration. The place where I’m staying will always have some crowd but nobody will do anything, the incident was happened in seconds without anybody knowledge.


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