Mumbai city is in trouble with terror attack from yesterday, people are panic and the life of the people were affected due to attack of terrorist. A.K. Sharma, Railway Police Commissioner, said two or three persons, carrying AK 47 rifles and grenades entered the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus with AK 47 rifles at 8.35 p.m. and opened fire indiscriminately and the panic-struck people rushed out. He said 10 people were feared dead and 30 injured. “The situation is still not resolved.Rakesh, who had come with his wife and child to board a long distance train, said he heard shots and saw many people with blood stains on them. He rushed out with his family and took refuge in a building opposite the station.

Many of the injured have been rushed to nearby hospitals. Several blasts were reported across the city from places in South Mumbai and suburbs such as Vile Parle.

Two low-intensity explosions and firing were reported outside The Trident Hotel. Forty people were taken hostage inside the hotel, even as occupants and staff were being evacuated. At 11.15 p.m., the firing had not stopped and smoke was billowing from the hotel lobby. A constable on the spot said a third blast took place in the hotel lobby. He said commandos had gone inside. A police officer said two persons were injured. They were taken to hospital. Still the death rate has been increasing, nobody knows the exact people who are injured and killed. People are really afraid of terror attack.


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