Right now the situation of Mumbai is under panic. Hotels like Taj, Oberai and trident were captured by terrorist. These terrorist were came to mumbai  through boat. The recent news is More explosion and gunshot were heard inside the Taj hotels.More than 50 hostage in Hotel are under Risky condition. There are totally 12 terrorist enter the mumbai city. The death shot has been increasing. Army and navy forces were called for Rescue operation. 5 cops were died in the gun shot.


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  1. jeff Says:

    Just a few questions:
    Why are Muslims being blamed again without any concrete evidence?
    Why only the police officers that were investigating Hindu terrorism in India for past few weeks were one of the first ones to be killed?
    Why Maharashtra was so open for alleged , “muslim terrorists”, when BJP has such a strong hold on the city of Mumbai that politicians like Raj Thackeray can butcher a birthday cake that had the word “Bhaiyya” (Bhaiyya is a word for Biharis in India) written on it publicly?
    Why authorities or media are not looking into other possibilities?
    Why are the terrorists keeping hostages and not identify themselves or start negotiations?
    Why are the terrorists not killing themselves just as supposed Islamic terrorists have done in the past?
    Why are Indian journalists talking about an “encounter” (term for killing suspects in police shoot out) instead of actually an attempt to “arrest” the perpetrators and investigate who they really are and what are their intentions?
    For those who target Muslims without answering all the above mentioned questions kindly learn to speculate, investigate, analyze and than come to a conclusion.

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