As everybody know power is very essential for all especially in India,because India is demanding more power now.While seeing across the Tamil Nadu there has a lot of power cut for 6hours and in city for an hour.Also there is power cut in the industry.So we need to save the power.There is simple way to save the power.I think everyone knows that anyhow i will elaborate that.

Hi All!

Here is a chance to make a difference, by devoting JUST 10 seconds a day. You don’t need to go anywhere, donate money, stage protests or shout slogans.


If you use computer to work, just remember to switch off your monitor every time you leave your desk.

Very simple, isn’t it?

What difference does it make?

ü Roughly, normal monitors consume around 150 W.

ü Even if your screen remains ON for 1 hour per day without any use, energy wasted per day is 150 W-h (or 0.15 “units”).

ü Is this not enough to light a small lamp for 10 hours?

ü If you care to switch off your monitor each time you leave your place, you save electricity enough for basic household needs of a small family in a village.

ü If your monitor remains ON overnight, this figure becomes 10-fold – so you can probably save electricity for 10 families.

ü And supposing that you leave your seat 5 times a day and it takes 1 second to switch the monitor ON/OFF, you spend only 10 seconds a day for this deed which saves LOTS of energy on a long run!

Check the statistic below:-

For Windows we can set the Power Mode as follows:-

Click Start –> Settings –> Control Panel–> Power Options–> Turn off monitor after 5 minutes–>

Just Think !!!!!

If powering off a Monitor when not in use, can make so much difference, then, how much difference powering off the Computer Systems, Laptops, Electric Bulbs, Air-Conditioners, etc make when not in use. In long run, you save electricity to enlighten a dark village and bring smiles to the millions of Indians still living in the dark with no electricity

Please forward this…… If every single individual starts this simple practice, it will surely make a BIG difference in the times to come.

Come! Let’s begin………… Rest will automatically follow.


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  1. dalda Says:

    A Small tool that can help saving electricity by turning monitor off whenever computer not in use and much more.

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